FICO hi-tech (pvt) ltd has positioned Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a pillar of its corporate management, based on its Corporate Mission and Seven Guiding Principles of growth. Accordingly, the Group has made committed efforts to become a corporation whose efforts are appreciated through its initiative toward solving social issues and efficiency in production output. Or in other words, a corporation that is trusted by its consumers, including its society, customers, shareholders, and employees as a whole, and that earns their satisfaction through its business practices

Since fiscal 2012, the FICO hi-tech (pvt) ltd has adhered to the management policy of maintaining balanced management initiatives based on three perspectives: growth, profitability and efficiency, and soundness. Through these perspectives it has pursued the establishment of a sound foundation to its management and sustainable growth.

Based on this policy, the Group has taken on the challenge of resolving issues we face today on a global scale through its products, systems and services. In doing so, it aims to become a “global leading company” contributing to the realization of a prosperous industry, as it pursues sustainable development of the entire Group and strives to further enhance its corporate value. As for corporate ethics and compliance, FICO hi-tech (pvt) ltd will continue to ensure strict adherence to its compliance policy and strengthen internal control.

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