FICO is the oldest manufacturer of Current Transformer in PAKISTAN since 1952. Current transformer is used to change the high primary current to low secondary current. CT can help to measure the current or protect the equipments which were connected to the high voltage line. CT consist of primary winding. secondary winding. magnetic core and insulated body. the high grade silicon is annealed, varnished then insulated with polycarbonate core caps, the secondary winding is toroidally wound by high precision semi-automatic machinery for the high precision type current transformer.

the right current transformer for every application

Anyone wanting to record energy consumption must measure current. This is done by using a current transformer to measure the magnetic field created by the current principal. The current transformer is similar to a power transformer. the primary circuit is formed by the line to be measured, the connection to the measurement device forms the secondary circuit. as a result, on the one hand there is a galvanic separation between the measurement device and the current circuit to be measured and on the other hard, the size of the current can be transformed down by a defined ratio to a size suitable for the measurement device.

for example

a high power 320 amp can be reduced by means of a 500:5 transformer to more convenient 3.2 amps. at the same time, the measurement equipment is protected by the so-called saturation effect in the event of a fault, e.g with a short-circuit. this phenomenon means that the magnetisation of a material through a magnetic field only rises until it reaches saturation point, the current in the secondary circuit is thus automatically limited through the physical characteristics of the current transformer.

the appropriate combination of measurement device and transformer is critical for the quality and accuracy of a measurement. as with measurements devices, there are permissible nominal currents and accuracy classes with transformers too, the knowledge of which is essential for current measurement.

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