Class X Current Transformers In balanced earth fault protection systems, correct operation depends on the accuracy of the current transformers. Class 5P and 10P are suitable where the definite minimum times is greater than 0.2 seconds. For shorter operating time, transient conditions may require current transformers to have cross sectional areas many times greater than those of steady state faults. The following information is required. (a) Turns ratio (b) Knee point voltage (c) Maximum excitation current (d) Secondary circuit resistance
The tape wound ct provides a comprehensive range of Measuring and Protective duty ring current transformers for installation where traditional reliability, accuracy and quality are required.
Designed to highest standards, 810 Series transformers have accuracy classes, outputs and performance to IEC 60044-1:1999 for measuring and protective duties Overload withstand to: BS3938 – IEC185
Insulation class: BS2757 class Y (Maximum 90°C)

Operating voltage: 660V a.c.
maximum Test voltage: 2500V a.c.
System frequency: 50/60Hz or 400Hz
Service temperature: -40°C to +70°C

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